Lakeside Heritage Trail

9. Bell Tower

Ohio's Most Beautiful Mile in Bettinger Park

During the early years of Lakeside, bells rang to announce morning prayers, community events and curfew.
Bell Tower circa 1900
Bell 2019


The Lakeside bell tower had three bells.  The bell on display is one of those. The bells were made by McShane Bell Foundry, Henry McShane Company in Baltimore, Maryland.  The bells rang for prayers, events and curfew from 1884 to 1914.  Initially, a windmill atop the tower pumped water to community tanks on Fourth Street.

The lower levels at various times had an ice cream shop, candy store, pharmacy, art gallery and a beach bath house.  The second level had a viewing platform. From here couples strolled the lakefront path, known as “Lover’s Lane”. The tower fell into disrepair and was razed in 1922.


The Bell Tower is long gone.  “Lover’s Lane” has since become known as Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile, where individuals, couples, families and friends can still be seen enjoying the lakefront and park activities. The tower bell reminds us of that which binds us and brings us together as a community.

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