Lakeside Heritage Trail

1. Dock and Pavilion

Maple Ave. At The Lakefront

From days of steamers to sunfish, the iconic dock has served as our front door & backyard.
Dock and Boat House, circa 1890
Dock and Pavilion, 2022


In 1872-73, Alexander Clemmons led the construction of a 340 foot wooden dock to turn a community vision into reality. The new dock provided the primary way to bring supplies and building materials to Lakeside. In these early decades, the dock was also Lakeside’s main gate as the majority of guests arrived by steamboat. Over the following years, the dock was expanded to 619 feet. Although railway service and highways later became the primary routes for the arrival of supplies and guests, a ticket gate remained on the dock through 1939 when steamship service ended.

The first structures near the dock were the ticket gate and a boat house. The first pavilion was built in 1909 and had two stories that housed a cafeteria, bowling alley, barber shop, ice cream parlor and other shops.

A simpler pavilion and carillon replaced it in 1962 after time and weather had taken their toll on the building. Addition spaces for bathrooms and meetings room were added. In 1988, the current pavilion was erected to reflect the style of the original.


On occasion, small ships still arrive for special day or evening cruises. However, the dock’s primary use is now recreational. Swimmers and sunbathers fill the dock during the day, and are replaced by walkers and fishermen as the sun goes down. The pavilion houses the Kite Shop, Bluebird Café and an active sailing center for sailboats, paddleboards and kayaks.

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