Lakeside Heritage Trail

11. Perry Park

East end of Lakefront between Plum Avenue and Poplar Avenue

A family park with history related to a famous War of 1812 naval battle.
Perry Park Circa 1930s
Perry Park 2022


In the 1880s, this quiet wooded area on the waterfront was known as the East End Grove.  Lakesiders reached it by strolling down the Lakefront path, known then as Lover’s Lane. The visitors enjoyed the waterfront breezes, shaded lawn and picnics on leisurely summer days.   The park has always been a recreational area with varied attractions, and in the 1890s featured a dirt bicycle track as well.

The Ross family and others builders started dotting the landscape around the grove with new cottages at the turn of the century.  As the population grew, so did the recreational choices.  A bowling alley appeared in 1906, which was later replaced by tennis courts.

As a centennial recognition of Oliver Hazzard Perry’s historic victory in the Battle of Lake Erie, Lakeside chose to dedicate the park as Perry Park.  The 1913 July 4th celebration was billed as “the best in the history of the resort’” and included various games and fireworks.


Perry Park remains a popular recreation and gathering place.  Pickleball courts are a recent addition to the existing tennis courts. The playground area has been updated and more picnic tables and grills added. The picnic area is home to Lakeside’s Wednesday Night Family Picnics that includes games, chalk drawing and musical entertainment – all of which carry the traditions of Perry Park forward into new generations.

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