Lakeside Heritage Trail

18. Post Office

239 Walnut Avenue

Between 1900 and 1921, Lakesiders came here for mail and deliveries.
Lakeside Post Office 1918
Maxwell Hospitality House 2021


Constructed on the NE corner of Walnut and 3rd in 1887 by Rev. Charles W. Taneyhill, this two-story large frame house features four gables and a wrap-around porch.

In 1901, the cottage was purchased by 26 year-old Daniel B. MacKenzie for his home with wife, Pearl. Dan added a small room on the north side of the house to serve as the post office during his tenure as Lakeside’s Postmaster from 1900 to 1921, with his wife as his assistant. With mail delivery and pick-up occuring twice daily, this corner was a busy spot in early Lakeside where residents exchanged local news. Mrs. MacKenzie requested a fence be installed to separate the family and post office porches to keep postal customers from intruding into the family area.

From 1921 to 1931 Dan operated a news stand and variety store on W. 2nd St., followed by ten years as assistant to Postmaster Dan Pokey.  Ill health forced Mr. MacKenzie’s retirement and he died in 1953, ten weeks after Pearl’s death.

The house was purchased iin 1955 by Paul Maxwell.  With his wife, Ada, he converted the single family home into a guest house with six bedrooms for rent in addition to their personal summer residence. The Maxwell Hospitality House was known for its gracious hospitality and beautiful flowers in the corner garden. The house and business were passed to their son, Cecil and wife Kathryn in 1967.

The Maxwell House was portrayed in the 2006 independent film Christmas at Maxwell’s and had its premier showing at Orchestra Hall.


After 65 years, the Maxwell Hospitality House continues to greet summer guests with ownership by the third generation, Jeanne Maxwell Vaughan, who took over the guest house management from her parents in 2013.  Some guests stay a few nights, a few weeks or throughout the season. Guests enjoy gathering on the round porch for meals, games, people-watching and conversation – sometimes listening to the evening music drifting from open windows at Hoover Auditorium.  Those interested in staying at Maxwell’s can contact Jeanne at

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