Lakeside Heritage Trail

25. Wo-Ho-Mis

509 Central Avenue

Built in 1927 to house girls and women during Woman's Home Missionary Society conferences and institutes.
Wo-Ho-Mis Circa 1928
Wo-Ho-Mis 2022


Wo-Ho-Mis was built in 1927 for $25,000 and named for the Woman’s Home Mission Society (WHMS) established by the national Methodist Episcopal Church in 1880.  The building was made of fireproof concrete, steel and stucco construction, which harmonized with the Spanish Mission Style of the Administration Building and Orchestra Hall.  Wo-Ho-Mis was built as a girls’ dormitory for use during the WHMS Christian Conferences.  Girls attending District High School Methodist Youth Fellowship Institutes also stayed here.

In 1961, the building was remodeled to a more modern dormitory arrangement by taking down room partitions and enlarging the bathrooms. Due to rising costs of operation, Wo-Ho-Mis was donated to the Lakeside Association in 1970.  In 1999, a major renovation included the addition of several new enclosed windows.


Today, Wo-Ho-Mis continues to house groups of young adults attending various retreats and conferences.  The first floor also gives Lakeside an extra venue for the annual Lakeside Antique Show held in August and is occupied by craft vendors during the Lakeside-Marblehead Lighthouse Festival in October.

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