Lakeside Heritage Trail

22. Bradley Temple

301 Cedar Avenue

Mrs. Helen Bradley's 1887 gift to generations of Lakeside children honored her husband, Capt. Alva Bradley.
Bradley Temple 1887
Bradley Temple 2013


Bradley Temple was donated in 1887 by Mrs. Helen Bradley primarily for children’s programming and Sunday School.  It honors her late husband, Alva Bradley, a Great Lakes ship captain, builder, fleet owner and avid Lakeside supporter.  Noted inventor Thomas Alva Edison was given his middle name because of his parent’s friendship with Alva Bradley.

The Temple’s distinctive exterior is an excellent example of “Stick Style” architecture.  The design feature, popular in the late 1800s, used overlaying board strips for exterior decoration.


Bradley Temple still fulfills its founding purpose as a Sunday School.  Children meet as well for a variety of weekly activities that include music, bike safety and God Squad.  They can be seen and heard singing within the temple and playing games outside throughout of the summer season.

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