Lakeside Heritage Trail

3. Lakeside Volunteer Fire Department

320 W. Second Street

With Lakeside's early history of destructive fires, establishing a fire department in 1905 was essential.
Lakeside Volunteer Fire Department 1954
Lakeside Laundromat 2022


Devastating fires can spread quickly in a community of dense housing and small lots. A property assessment was levied in 1895 for the purchase of fire-fighting equipment to minimize fires. This action prompted the incorporation of the Lakeside Volunteer Fire Protective Association.   In 1905, the Lakeside’s fire station was established with modest equipment.  By 1952, that station no longer met Ohio code and plans were drawn for a new building. The old building was demolished and a new station was constructed in 1954, with the firemen doing most of the work. By the late 1960s many of the fire calls came from Danbury Township.  Prompted by safety concerns of driving rigs in and out of Lakeside, the LVFD made a deal with the Lakeside Association to trade the 2nd St. fire station for land on Route 163 at the south end of Maple Ave.  A new station was built in 1970 to meet the evolving needs of both Lakeside and Danbury Township.


The vacated fire station was converted to a laundromat, owned by the Lakeside Association, in June, 1970.   Lakesider Norton Young closed his service laundry outside the W. 2nd St. gate in 1969 and was responsible for assisting Lakeside with the renovation of the building into a year-long full-service and self-service laundry that included dry cleaning and ironing.  During summers, the community used the laundry by day and the Lakeside Hotel washed their linens at night!

In June of 2010, new proprietors Tom and Marcy Winkel opened the laundry after a facelift to the building that replaced the four fire bay doors with windows and entry doors.  Several upgrades were made inside the building as well.  The Lakeside Laundromat business has changed hands a number of times.  With each change came new renovations and upgrades, and the laundromat continues its valuable community service.

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