Lakeside Heritage Trail

12. Keystone Guest House

202 Maple Avenue

Aptly named since 1888, Lakeside guests are close to all the action.
Keystone Guest House 1915
Keystone Guest House 2022


Mary Stout purchased the land from the Lakeside Company in 1877 and built Keystone Cottage sometime around 1880.  The Keystone can clearly be seen anchoring the corner of Maple Ave. and W. 2nd St. in the 1884 Hare Co. map of Lakeside.   In 1887, Hattie Stout acquired Keystone and started accepting guests in 1888.

Mary Yoder purchased Keystone in 1899 and is credited with making significant improvements to the guesthouse.  A Lakeside 1915 advertisement noted its advantageous location as “one block from the boat landing and three blocks from the electric (Interurban Railway) station.”  In later years, as Mary’s health failed, Mrs. J.L Balleit (who also operated another boardinghouse called the Slack House) took over the day-to-day management.

In 1933, The Yoder family sold Keystone to Mrs. and Mr. Gerard Philabaum.  Mr. Philabaum worked for the local L&M Railroad Company, while Mrs. Philabaum ran Keystone.  Contemporary ads boasted of hot running water, 2 toilets, 2 lavatories, 1 tub and a screened porch.  The Philabaums owned and operated the guesthouse until 1982, when it was passed on to their grandson, Bill Swain.  Mr. Swain enclosed the second floor porch and changed the individual rooms into two-room apartment units and shared bathrooms. Apartment rentals were advertised at $42 during the week and $49 for weekend stays.


In 2000, Mrs. Elaine Loeffert Cottrell bought Keystone from Mr. Swain.  Mrs. and Mr. Cottrell have maintained the charm and character of the Gothic Victorian style building, while bringing accommodations into the 21st century. Inside, original wood flooring and the Victorian fireplace still remain, but the 4 apartments have been reconfigured into suites, each with full kitchens and private baths. Wi-Fi and central air-conditioning have also been added. The first floor porch, now enclosed, still serves as a gathering place for guests and friends.

With the many changes that have happened throughout Lakeside since 1883, Elaine and David Cottrell are proud that the Keystone Guest House has retained both its name and its commitment to providing quality housing to generations of Lakeside guests for over 130 years.  Those interesting in staying at Keystone can visit the website

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